Chiropractic Services by Back2Sleep, LLC only include FDA cleared or approved non-invasive home-use durable medical equipment (DME) available by prescription for properly diagnosed patients with eligible benefits coverage.

Chiropractic Services: Generate New Revenue Streams and Increase Patient Referrals With This Needed Service

Back2Sleep, LLC (B2S) provides exclusive chiropractic services for its participating clinics on a nationwide scale. B2S is the manufacturer of the patented ATLAS-T® Pillow and is also a nationally licensed, neutral, out-of-network durable medical equipment (DME) service provider and fulfillment center. B2S provides a complimentary and necessary service for licensed practitioners by verifying home-use DME benefits coverage for insured patients at hundreds of chiropractic clinics across the country. Any individual with major medical/group, personal injury (PI) or worker's compensation insurance plans can have their DME benefits coverage quickly and easily verified for out-of-network eligibility. If B2S determines benefits are available, your insured patient(s) may qualify for one or more DME products, based on the doctor's determination of medical necessity - at little to NO out-of-pocket cost to them.

If you are a chiropractor and:
✔ are interested in generating significant clinic revenues using our exclusive chiropractic services
✔ want to improve patient retention by providing valuable services your competitors don't
✔ want to get new patients by offering these complimentary chiropractor services to your current patients so they will tell others
✔ interested in non-invasive home-use chiropractic products that truly compliment your practice
✔ want to provide the most effective patient treatments possible, including home DME treatment programs
✔ interested in creative chiropractic marketing tips and strategies to further grow your practice

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Chiropractor Services By Back2Sleep, LLC Makes The Difference For Chiropractic Clinics and Their Patients

Because of this simple, yet extremely efficacious, non-invasive and balanced approach to chiropractic services and patient care, thousands of patients throughout the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) have benefited from using a combination of traditional chiropractic care and highly efficacious home-use DME products with treatment regimens to help them get better sooner. Chiropractor services by B2S provide comprehensive training for the doctor and staff to easily and completely streamline this valuable and highly effective program for their insured patients.

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Chiropractic Clinics who offer their patients this complimentary chiropractor services home-use DME verification and fulfillment program set themselves apart from those with whom they compete. Stand out among the crowd with chiropractor services by Back2Sleep, LLC using this effective billing service and treatment program to increase clinic revenues and grow patient referrals!

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